Saturday, December 12, 2009


Tiger last night said that he needed a break. And I for one think we should give him one. Yes, as in “give the man a break”. This is not to say to condone his actions, his “transgressions” of the past few years. In no way could anyone defend his behavior because there is NO excuse for it, especially given the arrogant manner in which they were apparently carried out. But if one were to look for reasons to have sympathy for him they could consider these few things; number one, he IS right that none of this is any of our business. I guess the media thinks that since he is an open book on the weekends that we deserve to know what he’s doing during his time off-camera. I don’t think so. Not only do I not give a crap about his personal life but this whole “Tiger Woods Scandal” thing is only two weeks old and I’m already sick of it. If I hear his name one more time I think I’m gonna have an aneurism. So that said, what else would give us pause in our consideration of his situation? I think we’d be remiss not to think that this might be rooted in the death of his father. Losing a parent, especially one who is that dominant in your life, is devastating. I know, and if you’ve lost a parent YOU know. It rips your soul out for years. He could have been looking for some way to ease that pain. Just saying. The other point that someone made that made SOME sense to me is that he’s been a nerd his whole life. All he’s known is golf and academics. Go to school, play golf…wash, rinse, repeat, day in and day out. He’s probably never had time to date skank-hoes, I mean, beautiful girls and play the field for a while. If anything, maybe he just got married too soon. Maybe he needed time to get that whole “sowing your wild oats” thing outta the way. But then you think, well look who he ended up with. He’d have to be a damn fool not to know that he couldn’t do better. He couldn’t find anyone sweeter or more beautiful. So who knows what the man was thinking. I guess he just wasn’t. It kinda reminds me of that movie, “Caligula”, where Caligula let his riches go to his head and it eventually destroyed him. I hope this doesn’t happen to Tiger. I really hope he roars (sorry! NO! I mean really REALLY sorry!) back stronger than ever. If not, we’ll all be the losers. If you think golf on TV puts you to sleep NOW, wait until the leader board is topped with the likes of Scott Verplank, Zack Johnson and David Toms every Sunday. Uuugh!

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