Friday, November 27, 2009

turkey day '09

I hope everyone had a Thanksgiving that was as joyful as mine. I wasn’t forced to leave the house to eat mush with rednecks or any of that. My family and I hung out right here and cooked all of our favorites. We hardly ever get to just sit down and break bread with the kids. Grace spent most of the morning putting things together while I sliced up the slab of salmon and marinated in Roscoe’s special secret marinade. The power went out for a while which moved back our “plating” time by about half an hour.
Meanwhile, I got the phone call that made me the most thankful of all. Our friend Kay, who has had the year and a half from hell with health issues, gave us a ring and she sounded great. She stays on our minds constantly and we worry for her and her family but the call eased some of the worry and made me thankful that she sounded so good. She was by David’s bedside every morning when I would visit him. She’s an angel and doesn’t deserve the suffering she’s been through.
Soon after talking to her, our friend from West Virginia, Ricky Loco stopped by. He lived in Bunn for a while and his son, Quito is the same age and was best friends with Nathan. As the name “Loco” implies, he IS a nut. He used to be a white water rafting guide in Costa Rica as well as his home state of West Virginia. He helped me take my Beemer apart for a while until he realized that he and Quito were supposed to be in Fuquay (an hour away) in about 5 minutes.
About 2pm we gathered at the marble top table and Will said the blessing and we all dove in. I was really hungry and put some serious dents in the bowls in front of me. What the hell, right? I’m almost 53, I ain’t gotta impress nobody with my sleek good looks. The salmon was grilled to perfection by yours truly and Grace did an amazing job on the dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans and made from scratch sweet potato pie. After a couple of plates of that I sat on the couch and headed down that slippery slope of needing a nap. I knew that I really needed to go see my dad so I refused the urges to fall over and crash. I got up and drove over to his place and of course, woke him up from HIS nap.
We sat around and mumbled at each other for a while before I headed back home. I’m really thankful for how good he’s doing. It was getting dark when I got home and you what that means, if it’s dark it must be Banrock time. Grace and I drove up to the only place open with the Banrock Cab, yep…Wal-Mart. There’s a new one in Louisburg about 10 miles away that I had yet to be depressed by so we drove over that way.
“Just a bunch of junk” I sang over and over to myself. I was ready to go when I got there and when we checked out I left Grace to do the dirty work as I went to retrieve the get-away car. I don’t know what it is about them places but I feel about 6 grade levels dumber just by going through the doors.

...and that's a savings of...???
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The wine hit the spot after “dinner”, which was only a piece of that sweet potato pie with whipped cream on top. We all (except for Nathan, who has to talk hours on end to his new girlfriend) settled in to watch them crazy storm chasers see how close they could get to the tornados without dying. It was addictive just watching so I can see the attraction for them.
I wake up today and its Black Friday and I have NO intentions of buying a damn thing! The Thanksgiving festivities continue over at Jack’s house tonight as he’s cooking all day for friends and families of both he and the band. I bought everything I needed last night at Wal-Mart, that wine and a box of hair dye!

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