Sunday, November 01, 2009


I really wanted to see this Michael Jackson movie; THIS IS IT, for many reasons. I wanted to see the gargantuan production that was to be (and wasn’t disappointed), wanted to see if he was in any shape to perform (and duh…he was unbelievably ready to rock…and did), wanted to see how much talent he really had (which was limitless!) and wanted to see if he could really sing. As far as his singing, have you ever heard someone sing and you could hear the whole band in their voice? Have you ever heard someone who could effortlessly go from full voice to falsetto and never sing outta tune…ever? Performance-wise, Michael knew exactly what he wanted. He knew where everyone was supposed to be, what note everyone was supposed to sing and what every musician was supposed to be playing.
The best I can remember, I never said anything on the blog about Michael’s death, mostly because I’ve always respected his talent and because he was so unbelievable in so many ways. He was hard to figger out really. Most geniuses are. Isn’t that why we can't figger’m out? The movie gave me not a little more insight into Michael but a LOT more! His gentle corrections to his fellow performers usually started... “with love”…then the corrective instructions…then the obligatory “this is why we rehearse”. Throughout the movie he looks happy, NO signs of wariness or not wanting to live. He seemed really excited about the upcoming shows.
I didn’t cry at the movie but there were definitely times when I wanted to. You may not care that MJ is gone and honestly, I was plus/minus on the guy until yesterday. But I can’t think of another living soul that has that much to give. The magnitude of his talents and LOVE for people and the planet were off the charts.
…and besides, anybody that has a bulldozer come up outta the stage is OK by me.

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Jeff Hart said...

another endorsement to see this movie. will probably go now. makes me see him in a different light, TA. thanks bro.