Thursday, November 19, 2009

the real reason she didn't kiss you

You ever talk to somebody and they got something on their lip or eyebrow distracting you? Now thass a good ol’ time right there. Yesterday I was getting gas and as I said “$20 on #6” I looked at the portly girl and noticed some little white particle of doughnut or something. I did a double take and walked away. She prolly wondered what the double take was about. I wondered how long it had been on there and how much longer folks were gonna let her look like that. I wasn’t gonna say anything. I mean, what do you say? “Uhhhh…you got sumpin’ on your lip”, then run out. What about the next time you come get gas? Won’t she be a little embarrassed? She’d prolly never look at you again. Either that, or she’d wipe her lip every time she saw you coming. Still, I wonder if it stayed on her lip all day. I saw an interview with the President one time where he had one of them white “connector” particles on his lip. You know, the kind that stretches a little each time his lips would meet. Boy, I bet the interviewer was really distracted. You’d think that the President would have someone to come up and say “Uhhh…you got sumpin’ on your lip” and then run out, but evidently not. I’d be for him getting somebody like that.

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