Thursday, November 19, 2009

15 and counting...

Monday night was another night of Rock history. Jack, Dave and I got together again to put some more rhythm tracks down. I came in with one song that I had sung into my crappy Sony cassette player and two others on CDs that I had made better demos of. I was really excited about what was going on in my head with the song “He’s your girlfriend” and the guys didn’t disappoint. It’s just a cool little Pop song and not at all about anything uncomfortable that you might expect with a title like that. It’s a dance-able little ditty that could have gotten some play back in the day. One of my favorite lines is “he goes to movies with you, he took you to see U2”. In context, you’ll dig it too. Next, we ran down a BIG Rock number I had laying around for a while that I recently started writing different lyrics to. “I’m your radio” melds “Street Fightin’ Man” with The Foo Fighters. After goofing off for a while I showed them one other tune that I wasn’t sure about (I never know what reaction to expect from anyone!). “Little 318” has kinda the same feel as “About You” but instead of a girl it’s a love song to my car, my little BMW 318i. It’s currently, sadly in a state of disrepair and needs more work than I have money. But I just can’t let go of it, it’s the most amazing driving machine I’ve ever driven, much less owned. I wrote it riding around in it, back when she was feeling better. Maybe if we sell enough records I can get an ignition, get it tuned up and get a new convertible top for it.

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