Thursday, October 22, 2009

Quick! lemme blog before he takes it back!!

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Yeah! I wrestled my laptop away from my 13 yr. old son long enough to…”STOP! I GET IT FOR LITTLE WHILE!”…tell you…”QUIT! IT’S MINE!!”…about all the fun we’ve been havin’ recording lately. Monday is the usual meeting night but sometimes it gets slipped to a Wednesday night. Last night was crazthy! Dave, (uhhh… I mean Falcon)
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and I jammed on a stupid fun Rockpile-esque tune called “Too Much Information”. That one took a while, mostly cuz’a me. It was really fast and it took all I had to hold it together. I think the final result will be unbelievable though and could be the perfect song to kick the next (16 song) record off with, a la “Rip This Joint”, if I should be so bold. I brought in some pretty love rock with “As If (anybody cares)” after that. Jack was there by then and we found a comfortable groove in only a few takes. That one got a bit magical feeling; we’ll see how it turns… “HANDS OFF!! YOU LITTLE TURD, YOU’LL GET YOU’RE CHANCE!!”...out. We felt really good about the work we’d done and had pretty much called it a night at 9:45pm. Hmmm…plenty o’ time, nothing else was coming to mind though. Then while I was taking a leak, Dave and Jack we’re listening to “Take a Leak and Go” (an old novelty number of mine that we’d recorded last week). The word “go” triggered something in my brain. Ah Haaa!! There was another tune festering in the back of my brain. I don’t usually let them simmer close enough to the surface unless there are at least two verses and a chorus finished lyrically, and this one had all that and more. I’d just forgotten. I showed the guys “Time for You to Go” and it rocked just about like ASS! It’s about brotherly love gone bad. Tryin’ to help somebody out that takes advantage of you until you finally realize that some folks just can’t be helped. It was rocking so much that it took FOREVER for me to get to sleep when I got home at midnight!
It’s a little like sitting up with a crying baby. You love’m so much, it don’t hurt quite as bad when they keep you up at night. “OK! HERE’S THE COMPUTER BACK” (you little….#@@#$%^&*!!!!).

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