Saturday, October 10, 2009

hittin' it

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Misogyny aside for a moment, “(While I was) Hittin’ It” may be one the best songs I’ve ever written. It’s certainly one of the prettiest. The folks in Ohio got a sneak listen this past weekend but they only got to hear a small piece of it. We opened the shows playing just the chorus and in my not so humble opinion the verses and sing along bridge are equally as inspired. It starts in a mood not unlike “Wild Horses”, none of the chords mind you, but just in feel. It’s in 6/4 time and struts confidently in along with some really heartbreaking lyrics. Back to the misogynist angle, or what will probably be perceived as such. I will have to apologize in advance for using the term “hittin’ it”. Sometimes when I’m writing a song I’m just doing it to entertain myself and I’ll use slang that I think is stupid or inappropriate because it’s just me and a guitar or in this case a ukulele, I’ll get my chuckles and move on. Well, on occasion I’ve sang lines that HAD to stay for whatever reason, mostly because it says what I want it to mean and in the allotted syllables I’m given to finish out the line, and/or because it’s a dumb, fun rhyme, take for instance “or you can stay at home and kiss my ass” in “Thunderbird”. It just sings right. That’s the case for “hittin’ it”, it’s dumb and it says what I want it to say and it’s the only reference of disrespect in the whole song. It’s meant as a beautiful love song and should be taken that way. All that being said, I really can’t believe we’re already 4 songs into the next record, and already I’m getting really excited about it. “Nervous Around Pretty Girls” (already being sold at the shows) is a hook laden bundle o’ fun. Another fun one, “Just Ridin’ Around” was recorded this past Monday (along with “Hittin’ It”), so we’re getting’ it on like a bucket o’ neckbone trying to keep the Rock alive. Right now, we’re just meeting up on Monday nights and doing a rhythm track or two over at Dave’s place of employment, Indoor Storm. The ceiling is about 20 feet tall so the drums don’t and won’t have the faze problem we were getting over at Jack’s. So far so good!

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MI MI MI said...

yeah like "s-l-u-t, she may be a slut but she looks good to me" is ripe for Helen Reddy material.
don't fret about being clever, some people actually get it.