Thursday, September 03, 2009

Have fun!

Our buddy Larry Tucker brings a high quality tape recorder with him to the shows and sometimes shares the fruits of his labors with other tapers. They have a code, them tapers do, that no money ever changes hands for the great music they share. It's music for music. After discussing with Jack, we've decided (scary, since I haven't listened to it yet!) that it would be OK with us, for this once that we would share the link (hopefully it's OK with Larry!) with the rest of the world, those who weren't lucky enough to feel the love in the room:

Hey Europe! send the link to your favorite booking agent!

From Larry:
Evan was having some problems getting me a stereo feed off the board for some unexplained reason. I ended up patching in using one of his cables at the last minute and it still was just one channel (?!?!). There's also a little bit of distortion for some reason in that feed, which is mostly vocals, but it improves a good bit by song 4 or 5.


Mike Elliott said...

I'm proud to say I was there, and it's definitely a show worth hearing, as I think it's one of the best ones I've seen y'all give, which is saying something...

Oh - PLUG ALERT - and if y'all want to hear the OAKTeam pick, grin, and do a little yakkin', I'll be featuring 'em live in the studio this Sunday night on the ol' radio and online over the internets, 7pm EDT at and in Southern Virginia/Northern North Carolina at US 98.3 FM.

dave g said...


Audience taping and sharing is just good PR, and a long standing practice in some circles.

Back in earlier days, it was cool to get board tapes (I was lucky to do a couple myself). Most bands have realized that they need to draw the line there to preserve future revenue interests. I don't blame them one bit, either.

Moose said...

Nice work Larry! Thanks!!