Monday, August 24, 2009

2 weeks and counting

Wow, has it really been two weeks? And it’s been a LOT easier than I thought it would have been. After a visit to Dr. Jellyfinger I’ve cut WAAAAY back on drinking. I don’t call it “NO-drinking” (although that’s mostly how it’s turned out), I call it “LO-drinking”. I still have been having an occasional glass of wine with dinner or a beer or two with buddies on the golf course but after adding it up my total number of drinks for the last 14 days is a grand total of 10. After all, it’s probably about time for some serious cutting back after 35 years of hard drinking…ya think? C’mon, I haven’t been THAT bad. I hardly drink liquor and have only been “nursing” a bottle of wine every night, not guzzling it. The good doctor showed me the NIKE swoosh and put the number “2” (representing two drinks) at the bottom of the curve and explained to me how the chances for health concerns went up from there. The past two weeks have shown me that it’s do-able, but it’s just another example of how growing up really sucks. Next thing you know I’ll be writing boring blogs that make sense that people can understand. You’re gonna miss those late-night-drunk blogs! Trust me!


Anonymous said...

It works if You work it,
so work it, You're worth it !

Keep up, T! Roland

Anonymous said...

Rock Star,
It's liable to get a little crowded on this here Wagon, but that's OK.