Saturday, July 11, 2009


(I don’t need no stinking gym! )
So dig this, my son just joined a gym in Raleigh and I must say I am proud of his diligence and the results he’s getting but here was my day yesterday, and it was not unlike many a day in my 52 year old life.
I got up at 6am and watered my 35-plus Japanese maple trees for an hour and 15 minutes, still had time before going to work to build a frame for the last section of concrete wall going around my driveway and mix up an 80 pound bag of concrete and pour it in there, make Nathan’s lunch and mine, take a shower and git in the van and fight traffic for 40 minutes. Then when I got to “The Godfather’s” place I got on a 32 foot ladder (and off again and on again etc. etc.) with a roller and a brush and a big bucket of paint and rolled siding (sideways) all day till 4pm. Went to soundcheck at Sadlack’s, unloaded my drums and then helped Dave unload the van which was full of gear, flight cases and such. Finally, I got to take about a 30 minute break with a shower over at Jack’s house and a quick listen to some Woods tracks being mixed. Got in my gig clothes and went TO said gig and commenced to rock like complete and utter ASS with The OakTeam! It was probably our best gig ever in Raleigh. I mean we rocked HARD yo.
( pic from Jonathan Lee's Facebook page)
We did Oooooh… about 40 songs in a two hour span and you know who had to sing most of’m right? (Taking NOTHING away from my fellow Raleigh rock n’ roll icons, of course. They all deserve Rock badges for THIS show! ) So we did that and a couple of encores (oh did I mention that we “Rick Rolled” Raleigh for the first time in our FIRST encore?) and then loaded the shit back up and then Grace and I hung out for a couple of beers with our friends, the Beals and ‘em down at The P.R. (Players Retreat). Got home at 1:33am and ate a few pieces of watermelon before going to bed. Several times I woke up with cramps ripping through my legs but it was all worth it, and I didn’t have to pay no gym dues to get’m.! So why am I up at 7:20am on the Saturday morning after? To do it all again? No No! They picked today to drive steel bolts into the new church building across the street. Sure hope it helps y’all save somebody ‘cause it’s KILLIN’ me!


John said...

You can save an hour and fifteen minutes a day by installing an automatic watering system. Using variable rate drippers you can have all your Japanese maples on the one circuit which, coupled with a well draining potting mix, will ensure they all have optimum moisture levels and freeing up time to do some more painting!

Mike Elliott said...

I felt very privileged to have been Rick(rock)Rolled by y'all last night. Everyone should be so lucky!

Oh - and I gave y'all a dolla, too!

Anonymous said...

You could open a gym and play "Ass Kickin"
music in exercise class to get everybody in shape.JL