Tuesday, June 09, 2009

from Tom in the I.L.L.

"National Champions" is still the best disc of the year. Chickenfoot put out their album last Friday and it's great. Joe Satriani is a genius on guitar. Sammy Hagar is one of the best rock and roll frontmen out there. The songs are fun. But as I listen to the album more, I start hearing the lyrics more. My favorite song on "Chickenfoot" is "Sexy Little Thing", a catchy, drivin' beat. When it gets to Sammy singing, "Now my little friend is coming out to play", though, I just have to shake my head. Do I really wanna be out on the patio cranking it up singing along with "Now my little friend is coming out to play"?
"Chickenfoot" is a great album. "National Champions" is a great album, but it's also a smart album. I ain't ashamed to put that one on and sing along to every lyric.
If record releases, were race cars, my friend, "National Champions" would win the Indy 500.

-Tom Compton

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