Wednesday, May 06, 2009

tip for the day

Walking a small dog: Big dogs seem to be not too bothered by collars when there are out on a walk but them little dogs really don’t like’m a lot. So here my solution; take an old laundry basket and cut the bottom out of it and turn it upside down. Place small dog inside. Tie rope about mid-way of the basket and pull. Drag it up and down the sidewalk or in the backyard for hours of fun for you and your pet, AND he/she will never run away! Just image the giggles and cackles of a young niece or nephew as they are allowed to have a few pulls. How damn cute is that? And the dog will love it too! At first he’ll be like: “What the fuck has this bitch done now!”....but they’ll come around. Try it with your cat!…wait where’s the cat?...OK, scratch that, put the dog back in there… You can walk your dog all day long like this without nary a pull on it’s tiny little neck! Dogs across America are thanking me now!..and I'm sure you are too!

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