Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The next son of a bitch that refers to Jimmy Buffett as “JB” is getting an old fashioned Tommie Lee Jones middle finger between the eyes, laid to the bridge of the nose from me. I couldn’t believe my ears as I twirled through the radio dial the other day. Some dumbass actually said such a thing and I about threw up in my mouf! Don’t get me wrong, I can respect Jimmy Buffett for…uhhh…for…uhh well, something…Oh! he wrote a book didn’t he? Anyway, all I’m getting at is that he, Jimmy, in NO WAY can take the letters J and B away from the Godfather of Soul. And if you think he can then you’re just a fool, or drunk on Jimmy’s Landshark beer (which ain’t too bad by the way…Oh wait! that’s what I respect him for!) James Brown changed music. He inspired many of the musicians we love today, Prince, George Clinton and anybody that ever thought of themselves as “Funky”. Hell, ME! I have on occasion felt the spirit of the funk move ME! I can’t say I’ve ever called on the parrothead spirit to help me write a song…and I mean EV…ER! So back your little red wagon up Mr. Radio dude. You might wanna think about it before you let something like that slip out again. And if it starts to catch on, then the rest of us are just gonna have to start referring to James Brown as “J…F!...B”!


Bobzilla said...

You've given me yet another reason (not like I needed it) to never, ever again turn on a radio.

Moose said...

... I mean his band WAS The JB's... well after the Famous Flames left 'cuz they wern't gettin' paid.

Saw JB in Raleigh in the late 80's. He was STILL funky!

I told Mike Elliott not to say that on the air.

Mike Elliott said...

Nah, 'twasn't me, Moose. The only initials I use on the air are "W.T.F?", usually after spinning songs like "Chicken Fried".

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is Jimmy Buffet? And I am not kidding!