Saturday, April 25, 2009

well, THAT didn't suck!

It was the rare occasion when I didn’t have to drive to Raleigh to the play a gig last night. At a private party for my buddy Joey Ward and his crew here in Bunn, The Yayhoos had a HELL of a warm-up for tonight’s festivities at Slim’s (start time: 11pm). We rocked all the hits for about two hours in their living room, not really missing a beat from our last gig, which was in Holland in July ’07. We may have even played better than we did THAT day! Crazy! Look out Raleigh you’re really in for it tonight!

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Anonymous said...

Was at the show at Slim's saturday night. Fantastic, you guys sounded big and nasty. I was really impressed with your drumming and vocals, powerful stuff. Great songs and great fun

Mo, Spanking Charlene