Sunday, April 26, 2009

tubs and such

So you git ya one of them TV sets and you flop down on the sofa and you’re reaching for the remote to turn the channel and no matter where you land you see these things called advertisements or ads and there’s these two people sittin’ in TWO tubs and they're nekked’r ‘n hell out in the backyard overlooking the ocean and so you turn the channel and there they are again with the tubs down on the beach and you’re like WTF?, so then you get caught up in a Long Ranger episode for a minute or two and then you check some scores and think about eating something or maybe a beer and miraculously somehow your finger automatically changes the channel to the Lifetime Network and you’re like Yikes!, and so you change it on purpose this time and there they are again, this time with the f*ckin’ tubs IN the water!, so then you start pickin’ you brain a little bit and put yourself in dude’s place and realize why he’s gonna need the product he advertises when he gets out of the tub and has to swim to shore. SHRINKAGE!
Happy 81 to my dad!

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