Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lowe'sT quality!

OK, looks like I gotta say it all again cuz some of y’all ain’t hearin’ me. QUIT BUYIN’ PAINT AT LOWE’S! Let’s see, how can I say this without being too obscene? EVERY PAINT THEY SELL IS SHIT! There, that should do it. If you think you’re saving money by grabbing their cheap brand of paint, Olympic, just remember you gotta put 3 coats on it to get it to cover. So then you’re probably gonna have to buy at least one MORE gallon to make it look HALFWAY decent. Look, I can mix up a better paint in my kitchen with flour and water and whatever else I can find. When you add up your time and travel and cost per gallon, then an $18 gallon of paint becomes about $80. And you could’a gone to Benjamin Moore and got their cheapest brand of paint for $18 and it would have coved like a mofo, stayed wherever you put it (no runs)and looked great. They actually have about 4 steps of quality there at the Beni Moore place and every step up is worth the price. If I’m using lighter colors then their mid-grade, Super Spec is fine. The top of the line, Aura is amazing. Even the deep reds and blues cover beautifully in ONE coat. Of course, that’s about $60 a gallon (your price, not mine) but unless you like putting 4 and 5 coats on something then it’s worth every dime. I have NEVER used a paint bought from Lowe’s that has not made me cuss my head off. Their Valspar paint is just OK, not great and it’s about $30 a gallon. For $30 at Beni Moore I can get a lot more bang for my buck. There’s my painting rant for the month. And don’t EVEN get me started on Latex Kilz 2 again!


dave g said...

Thanks for the warning - truly a word to the wise. I haven't bought any Lowes paint, but sure won't now.

I could almost say the same for the exterior crap I got at Home Depot. I got some interior green formulation for doing chroma key video and that even takes 3 coats to get it right.

Whatever happened to Sherwin Williams? Were they any good.

I miss the old days of 'Super Kem Tone,' but hey, that was late 50s into the 60s. At least it had lead in it.

"You can find better quality, but you can't pay more !"

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry, Talking 'bout things being good : Listening for the 1st time to National Champions blew me right into a coma, cuz it's so good. Listening twice woke me straight up again, cuz ít's so good. I think i'm round about 150 times of listening to it in a few weeks, and Damn! it keeps getting better every time...Many many thanx!
Cheers, Roland, netherlands