Tuesday, April 07, 2009

don't be hatin'!

A disturbing trend that reared its ugly head again in this year’s NCAA National Championship basketball tournament is the level of HATIN’ going on in sports these days. I’m talking about 40, 50 and 60 year old “grown ups” yelling about how much 19, 20 and 21 year old kids SUCK as players. When I listen to this drivel on the radio I can only shake my head. How immature do you have to be to say hateful things about a group of KIDS? I heard this yesterday “I’d rather pull for CANCER than Carolina!” Huh? If your mom had it? These kind of statements are senseless and have no use in our society whatsoever. But you can hear the sincerity in their voices. HATE has consumed these people to an unhealthy level. It’s not only in sports but in politics also. Can we not make our choices and respect other people’s at the same time and talk about it in civil discourse? There was a time when we could. Did you know that back in the 50’s Wake Forest College (when it was still in Wake Forest, NC) held a pep rally for NC State, one of their arch rivals, when they (State)left for the tournament? Where’s that love today? Did we lose it when we were able to hide behind our computer keyboards, carelessly saying anything we wanted without having to put a face with the words? Callers on the radio don’t show their faces, so there might be something to that. It’s really disappointing and takes a lot of the fun out of it for me. It was so bad this time around that I’ll never say another bad word about a team again, yes even Duke. UGLY does not describe someone “pulling for the Taliban” over a group of hard working American kids.
Let’s grow up a little bit how ‘bout it.
Congratulations to the Tarheels for winning it all. They worked really hard for it.


dave g said...

I'm a lifelong State fan (and went to school there), but have enjoyed every minute of watching the Heels play this year. Roy Williams is a class coach (as is Tom Izzo), and among my favorites. What's not to love about this team and the way they've worked this year.

The real problem is those mooks on radio haha.

I told friends that next season, the Wolfpack should just watch UNC game film and throw theirs away. Maybe the coaching staff will learn what college hoops are all about and hopefully get a clue. Maybe, just maybe ? It's real simple - if you win, you'll recruit.

I say congrats to the Heels for a most excellent season. Even after some of the guys leave, Roy will be right back on the case and have a new machine running again.

Anonymous said...

Rock Star,

"What he said" from another lifelong State man (3rd generation, father of a 4th gen. My namesake grandfather played baseball for NC State A & M College, the Red Terrors, in the early 1920s). While I'm not inclined to watch Heels film, etc, and I turned the game off Monday night at something like 32-12 with 10:00 in the first simply it was clearly going to be a blowout, I do certainly wish to convey congratulations to the Tar Heel Nation. State's day will come again, only not likely during our lifetimes, it seems.
Now, you remember some of that "non-hatin'" next time you tickle your keyboard and State's on your mind, bro.