Thursday, April 23, 2009

championships keep rolling in!

from today's events in Franklin Co. may recognize the winner's name...

County Spelling Bee Produces Intense Battle

Spelling Bee enthusiasts who witnessed the 2009 FCS Spelling Bee at Louisburg Elementary will remember this year's competition for a long time. Bunn Middle seventh-grader Nathan Anderson outlasted Terrell Lane sixth-grader Sandy Williams to take the 2009 county title. Anderson and Williams were both on the brink of elimination multiple times, but fought hard for nearly 30 minutes before the champion was crowned. Terrell Lane's Gregorio Llamas won the eighth-grade title, while Franklinton Elementary's Kimberly Ross collected the fifth-grade trophy and Laurel Mill's Latiya Williams pocketed the fourth-grade title. The finals consisted of all five grade-level champions.


FCB said...

Well, what was the winning word?!?!

Anonymous said...

So the spelling was a masterpiece!


halfpear said...

Congrats, Nathan. Don't ever let anyone tell you being smart isn't cool.

Anonymous said...

The Greatest of Congrats to Nathan and his parents for "leaving a mark" on or within the Franklin County Public School System.

Great work Nathan!


Anonymous said...

winning word

Anonymous said...

I believe the winning word was 'Merka' ;-)

Well done to Nathan - I've never been a good speller, I rely on the spellchecker on the computer these days.