Saturday, March 14, 2009

how old do you feel?

Now come on folks, not all of our fans are starting to worry about falls in the home. We had a great mix of folks in The Pour House last night. People in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s hung all the way to the end (approachin’ 2am) as The OakTeam and The HBO laid down the law about whether Rock n’ Roll still had a pulse. I seen them asses shakin’! It’s obvious that the new record has a life force of it’s own that can inject some serious movement in folks of all ages. I joked that the “old” folks left early, but I wasn’t talking about age. It was more to comment on how alive music can make you feel and how it can, if done right, add a few years to the end of your life. I love being on stage cause it is the one time during that day that I am NOT feeling my age, and that is what I guess my music boils down to. You gotta lose yourself sometimes and forget about the weight of the world being on your shoulders. That’s what I/we TRY to do with it anyway. It seemed to be working last night at our “National Champions” CD release party. The rain and the basketball kept a few people at home thus keeping us from meeting our club enforced “quota” but despite that bit of ugliness the sound coming off of the stage was as good as it gets. We played great and the new songs are really starting to come together live. I know I felt younger for it. Certainly, younger than if I would have stayed home and sat on the couch watching basketball and drinking. Many thanks to those who came and made our night so much fun.
Off to Texas!


Anonymous said...

All the new songs are great live. I really liked Goin' Or Comin'. That is an awesome live song. Good Luck at SXSW, I hope you come back famous.

Mike Elliott said...

I feel 10 years older today than I did last night - that's for sure.

Had a blast, and yes, the new album is a pure kick-to-the-gut front-to-back great album! Congrats on coming up with my favorite album of the year...I think it's your best yet, and that's not just blowing smoke up your wazoo!

Good luck to y'all at SXSW!

Bobzilla said...

Fool, whatchu talkin'bout? We be's in our 50's now...