Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bunn-dog Millionaire

Oh joy, oh joy, what a fun week it’s been. It’s always a chore coming down from the high of being out on tour, mingling with the peeps and trying to spread the love. The Rock infuses us with an energy that can’t compare to everyday life. That’s why Bono has to decompress in a hotel room for two weeks after a long tour and why I have to drink when there’s no gigs to look forward to. (Lord, help me if I should ever stop rocking!). But it was especially hard on me this week (after being out with the boys down in Texas), not being able to work for three days due to weather and just sitting around the house. It would have been OK if I would have had a little cash to sit on but when I checked my account there was a decimal in front of the bottom line number, not 40 bucks, 40 cents. OK, so that means I can use my debit card for a single bag of Ramen noodles…for the week, leaving twenty cents for emergency $$. Luckily, we had some in the other account, like a whole 15 bucks or something. There was also a bottle of white wine in the fridge that had been there for a while (for obvious reasons…because white wine sucks) that I resorted to on one night. Don’t worry; I only had a glass and a half before giving up on it. The rest of the week we hung on by a thread and I finally got out of the house to do an inside job on Thursday and Friday. Yesterday, I had the private party gig at Slim’s to look forward to, and it was definitely worth the wait. The OakTeam played for our friend Cabot Dixon as a birthday gift to his lovely wife Julie. We gave’m their money’s worth to. We were silly as hell and yes, we ROCKED LIKE ASS! We’re really having fun playing the new stuff and these tunes are having no problems finding a nice spot in the set (which is completely different on every gig!).
I should get a pretty nice royalty check tomorrow but I have to send out much love to my wife for putting up with my starving artist/feast or famine lifestyle, with my continued promise that somebody will “get it” one day!

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Larry said...

There are a lot of us that do indeed "get it". I don't know what's wrong with the rest o' the world.