Saturday, February 21, 2009

You had me at "Get up!"

You know something IGnunt is fiddin’ to happen if my dumb ass is gittin’ up at 5:40am. Yep. We gonna actually get to shoot that video we been talkin’ about for a while now. Steve Boyle is our friend who’s gone out to Nashville and “made it” as a hot shot video producer, working for The Gatlins, Merle Haggard, John Anderson and the like. We were proud to be featured in his very first video with The Fabulous Knobs (you can find it on YouTube) back in 1981 and here we are ump-teen years later maybe shooting his last. Not because my ugly face is gonna break his expensive equipment but because he’s got something bigger and better to do for the next few years! Anyhoo…I’m bringing many changes of clothing as I will get dragged around by that crazy-ass Lutie Cain, who will play my love/hate interest. Knowing her, she probably WILL pull a plug or two outta my head as the song (You Had Me at Get Lost) suggests!

1 comment:

Mike Elliott said...

Lutie and you as an "item" in the video?? Oh, sweet Jeezus!! The VMAs oughta come knockin' just from this information alone!