Monday, February 23, 2009

video epilogue

Here it is Monday morning and I feel like somebody’s been beatin’ the hell outta me all weekend! Oh wait! Somebody has, that crazy girl, Lutie Cain. Man! She was absolutely awesome! She even had some great “scenario” ideas too. So some of what you’ll see at the end of the video was thanks to her. She’s really sweet too which makes me wonder why I thought she would be the perfect ass-kickin’ bitch? Oh, well it might be because she HAS kicked a few guys’ asses before! We were so lucky to have her.
Our luck didn’t stop there though; the weather seemed to halt production of rain and severe cold just long enough for us to shoot it bright bold sunshine. I woke up yesterday to see my neighbor walking to church with an umbrella and I was sure given the darkness of the skies that were gonna be wrapping this thing up with what we had from Saturday. I was very skeptical when Steve called and said we would get back to work at 1pm. “uhhh…O…K.” But sure enough, just like on queue, the clouds disappeared around that time and by the time we were done shooting the sun was shining so bright that it had become a problem. And Saturday as well, the sun had perfect timing. It was screaming in the windows of the brick and wood warehouse just as the camera arrived and in the windows of the old water plant late in the day just as we rolled in. The wind was tough at times, giving us all chapped lips but that was about the extent of the damage it presented.
It was a LOT of work though, as I said, I’m feeling pretty beat up this morning. I have a new found respect for actors, I can tell you that! Steve worked our asses off. And for that I am very grateful, the results will be beautiful and hilarious. And it was the least we could do for him as he took time out of his schedule to drive out from Nashville to do this thing. We owe him dearly! And I owe the OakTeam big for showing up and being the professionals they are. Everyone was not only there, but delivering when leaned on. Mr. Boyle said we should be able to post the fruits of our labor (pain and soreness) within the next couple of weeks, depending on what happens with his next project. We hope for his sake that some of the luck that followed him here will hang around for that thing too.

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