Friday, February 06, 2009


Just when I start walkin’ around the house all bow-backed about the new record, I put in Sly and the Family Stone’s “Stand!” . “Uhhhh……Mr. Music God, I was only kidding. I didn’t really think I was worth a tiny particle of shit.” Holy Good God a Mighty! It’s just hit after hit after hit after….
Not that I’ve never heard it before but just consider my ass kicked out yonder some whur once-d damn again! It’s Motown on dope, yo! Ain’t a song up in there that don’t make ya shake it! But Sly’s thang is so cool cuz what it usually turns out to be is A JAM THAT WENT RIGHT! Let’s face it, jams suck!!! (unless you’re in the band…and then…still…sometimes….I ain’t sayin’…I’m…just……sayin’…!!!! a drummer!?!!) One thing I hate is a damn JAM! But Sly pulls it off, man. I gotta say though, his sister Rose….she is KICKIN’ HIS ASS!! The horns are a big part of the sound, Larry Graham’s bass and voice even bigger…but the last one I’d git rid of in the whole noise would be Rose. They all got shit on by Sly but Rose was his sister and the star of the show. She was the identifiable voice. The one that should’a had her own stage. She could’a been a contender!
Rose interview

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