Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Random notes/Jan.

OK, we did it. We finally called it done and Jack called our mastering guru, Brent Lambert and set up Inauguration Day to master. Last night Dave B. came over and told Jon to turn up the guitars. I bitched about drums and Jack tweaked bass EQ’s. It’s official, you is fiddin’ to be rocked!
You ever turn the corner and all of a sudden you’re in a funeral procession? That happened to me last Saturday. I’m like, how did this happen? No one had their lights on. I didn’t even know the guy! Apparently, not many other folks did either. I took my next right, just in case he wasn't an alright guy!
There was almost a Yayhoos sighting coming to Raleigh in April. Keith had a prior engagement. On a cruise! OH, excuse us for wanting to rock!
I love me some Bunn Laundromat. I figgered it up and I’m sure I can’t dry 4 loads of clothes for $2 here at the house. Plus I wouldn’t get the entertainment of some lady on the cell phone saying over and over and over…“Fo’ Real?”
Y’all gonna watch Bush on Prime Time TV Thursday night? LOL?!!
Robbie Fulks axed me to play a gig or two with him. Watch out! I love him. The songs AND the dude.
Winkie Dinkie called me last night. He keeps me in stitches and I’m sorry we don’t get to hang out on the Blues Cruise this year. Jim Chapdelaine is his real name. He’s been going through it with his neck. He sounded good though. He played a gig In Northampton, Mass. with Big Al New Years Eve. Al’s had his own prollems after knee replacement surgery. I think he’s doing good too, last I heard. All of The Dinkies are in agreement that a record needs to be made this year. Now, how we gonna fit in our schedules?


Anonymous said...

Hi T,
You probably know "Love song", but if ya don't, here it is...Just good fun, or maybe speed it up a little and you got a nice B-side for a single...
Can't wait for the new OAK album,
cheers Roland

Anonymous said...

Yo Terry! Put the record out. I'm fiddin' to rock some.