Thursday, January 22, 2009

bit'ness card

I’ve gotten busy again recently, but there were a couple of weeks there when I was threatening to make some business cards. After Christmas is usually a slow time for my painting thing anyway ‘cuz most folks are spent out or just don’t want the extra chaos to go with their holiday arrangements. So anyway, I was trying to figger out a little tag line to go with my vital information (email, cell phone, religious affiliation) like maybe one of these:
The hardest working painter in showbiz!
Let’s git it on!
Habla Ingles!
I can cut around a gnat’s asshole with a 6-inch wall brush!
I only need this stupid card because of the economy.
No tape, no spray, all done the old fashion way.
I won’t paint around your washtub!

(Prolly won’t use that one as it would need some ‘splainin’! Ya see, one time these guys my dad worked with was painting the inside of a shed and there were some galvanized washtubs hangin’ on the wall. As a joke, these knuckleheads cut around each one of the tubs and the client never noticed until after they were “done” and gone.)

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Fish Camp Barbie said...

Lemme know if'n ya got the time to do my hallway. I think I can afford it now. Haven't scraped it yet, though.