Tuesday, December 30, 2008

True story from Mike

On Christmas Eve we got together with three couples for a pot luck dinner and fellowship. The appetizers were good, the food was good but the wine, was great. After dinner we moved to the living room and my friend says " I have a new movie you have got to see, " You got it, "MOMMA MIA"! For me it was like two hours of scraping fingernails across a blackboard. The movie wasn't that long but we had to revisit his favorite parts again and again. There is nothing finer than listening to Pierce Brosnan a, a, a sing "SOS" or Julie Waters on "Take a chance on me". I managed, with a lot of wine, to get through it.Later that night I couldn't sleep, I kept thinking "momma mia here I go again my my how can I resist ya . . . momma mia does it show again, my my just how much I missed ya". Damn that Meryl Streep (&ABBA)! Christmas day was a nightmare,this damn song wouldn't leave me alone. I thought if anyone could help me it would be you. Leaving family and friends in our living room to fend for themselves we drove to Raleigh. I was right! Now I find my mind singing along "well it starts out innocent and so nice, then you add some liqueires and spice, eggnognorant, you get eggnognorant. . . . . It's so nice having a great tune stuck in your mind. You're the Doctor of Rock n Roll and your medicine worked, thank you! Mike.

That's why we're here, Mike! We rock because we care!

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philwo said...

Yeah, Like I told you before, Since I heard that song for the first time, I have to listen to it everyday and whereever I go in my mind I can hear you sing "Eggnogorant, Eggnogorant".
That's what I call a great song.
Happy new Year