Saturday, December 06, 2008

...and the boats are cheaper!

With the possibility of the big three going down, these are probably scary times for NASCAR. Not only will 3 million auto (and related) workers lose their jobs but so will drivers, pit crews and everyone associated with each team. Race day could be REAL quiet next year. But I think I’ve found the perfect replacement sport for all the Good ‘ol Boys out there, bass fishing. They’re already wearing them advertisement suits and hats like the racers do on the Bassmasters circuit. The money is big. Those guys win about $100,000 for catchin’ the biggest fish. It’s about as exciting as NASCAR, maybe more so. And hell, nobody’s getting killed out there fishing. So I wouldn’t fret too much if the tracks go down for a while. You’ll just have to hang your Jimmy Johnson or Jeff Gordon shirt up and get you a Steve Kennedy or Fred Roumbino shirt. The rest of us won’t know the difference.

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