Monday, December 01, 2008

Amamzon reviews

Grace found these reviews of the last studio record on Amamzon, I LOVE the second one..

Great no BS rock and roll by NRBQ's and the Faces' love child, September 18, 2006
By Webley Webster (Hillsborough, NC USA)
Nothing pretentious or fancy about these guys. They just flat-out rock. What elevates this from good to great is Terry Anderson's songwriting--he's clever in the tradition of Chuck Berry, Louis Jordan, Nick Lowe, NRBQ, etc. In other words, he's clever-smart, not clever-cute. Tunes are killer, band is killer, performance is killer. This album is killer. So what are you waiting for? Order it NOW!

Yayhoo!, June 9, 2006
By Shane Beirnes (Canada)

If you don't buy this record, your enternal soul is in jeopardy! Seriously! It's that good!

November 28, 2005
Terry Anderson and the Olympic Ass-Kickin Team
Terry Anderson has knocked around the New South music scene for 20 years, as drummer for the Woods, the Backsliders and others, not to mention the writer of the Georgia Satellites' "Battleship Chains" and Dan Baird's "I Love You Period." This is his fourth solo album, and it's a killer. Southern-fried roots rock, butt-thumping country, lip-locking hooks and a good-natured sense of humor make the Olympic Ass-Kickin Team the best goodtime rock & roll band since Rockpile, whose Dave Edmunds seems to be a guiding spirit here. A reoccurring theme of the joys and perils of alcohol adds a bittersweet aftertaste, but overall, this is pure fun.
-Michael Toland


philwo said...

Yes Sir!!!
Couldn't have said it bedda!
Can't get "Eggnogorant" out of my head.

Anonymous said...

It's all Killers, no fillers !
And i have to agree, "Eggnogorant" is keeping me awake at night for 2 weeks in a row now...
Cheers Terry, Roland NL