Monday, November 17, 2008

tour pix OH '08

with Colin and Mike...

nickel holding up a dime...we got people to ROCK!

dropping the kids off at the bar!

waitress, waitress! purty little waitress!
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The OakTeam is fun for the whole family!
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Anonymous said...

...which inspired me to start wrting a song called "Michelle", here's how the first lines go:
"I'm in love with Michelle from the Waffle House / I can see us eating cakes when she'll be my spouse"
I don't know where it'll go from there though, must be somtehing about her being ugly an all but I don't care

Gerben in NL

Mike Elliott said...

Love that "Pow'ful Merkan" flag on her name tag, too!

Ah, nothin' like the ol' Awful House. Last time I was there, they burnt my buddy's pecan waffle! Oh, sweet irony!!