Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sticky Bun Blast

We drove by a Sonic in OH somewhere between Cincinnati and Wapakoneta and big as hell on the marquee are the words “Try our new Sticky Bun Blast”. This is a very unfortunate name for a new product that they are expecting people to put in their mouths. Sticky Bun Blast brings some shitty images into most folks minds and I hope at some point that they (the big dogs at Sonic) realize what they are saying and maybe at least re-think the name of whatever this new dessert is. Kinda like whenever (in the rare occassion that) Carolina is playing bad basketball, the radio announcer Woody Durham usually says something like this “Boy! Roy Williams is on the sidelines really eating his players out!” Again, another bad choice of words. Hey Woody! Try a Sticky Bun Blast!


Anonymous said...

Man thats'rude food!
You really should check out:
With some classics such as 'Cock-a-leekie' soup, Aass Beer, Baldanis pastis and lots more of hilarious fun! Or how about the 'Big Nuts' chocolate bar?
My buddy Remco once contributed 'Krek Snek', a salty treat from The Netherlands.

Gerben in NL

Anonymous said...

what you got against ass eatin'?