Wednesday, November 26, 2008

on humility

Something’s been festerin’ in me for a couple of weeks now after a conversation I had in a bar. I was having a beer, watching a band and a singer from a local cover combo walked up and we somehow stumbled on the topic of NUMBER of songs that each of our bands played. I offered that The OakTeam has a set list of 60 tunes that we could throw out at any moment. He puffed out his chest and said his band knew 150 songs. “Wow” I said biting my tongue. My better angels were holding the words “How many did YOU write?” from leaving my mouth, and granted I didn’t write ALL of the songs we play…only about 95%, and thankfully the other 5% doesn’t include “Margaritaville” or “Brown Eyed Girl”. So I guess this shows that the humility of our President –elect is starting to rub off and these times are once again becoming kinder and gentler. Just don’t get me started on Beyonce. Did you see that crap this morning on the Today show? I’ll never call her a SINGER again. She’s an actress (kinda) and a (hack) dancer, but singer? Wow! That’s a stretch!
So much for humility.

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dave g said...

I saw Beyonce on the Today Show for about 10 secs and my reflexes made me turn the channel back to Dr. Phil - way more entertaining watching a 'staged' freak show.