Sunday, October 26, 2008

Take that Saudi's!!


NO GAS for MY GRASS! Assholes!!
...and Hey! Joe the Plummer, fuck you!..Grace fixed our toilet!!
It was such an unbelieveably beautiful day here in the TarHeel state (notice I didn't say WolfPack state?) that I worked in the yard all day, pulling 5 azaleas and planting 2 Japanese maples. (YES YES, I know don't bury them too deep, a mix of potting soil and soil conditioner and plenty of water and mulch afterwards).
Have y'all listened to "Genius of Love" by The Tom-Tom Club lately?
FUck! it Rocks!
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Bobzilla said...

Genius Of Love - what a great song. I just put it on. Greetings from Toronto...