Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Roskilde '96

I love when this happens, folks sending me old pics of great memories. This time its Mark Wightman (I'm presuming from somewhere in Europe) sendin' in. This is probably my most favoritist gig of all time and I don't think present or past bandmembers would feel slighted by me saying this. There were about 10,000 people packed into this HUGE circus tent in Denmark, rockin' out like hell to The Yayhoos. I opened the show right by my lonesome singing "Jesus in the Alley" and as it ended Dan and 'Scoe started up the feedback, giving me just enough time to get back to the drums...rat.tat..tat..tat..tat..tat..tat..tat... into Dan's "Younger Face". It was a classic beginning to an awesome show, I must say. And by damn...DO say!
...if I say so myself!!

Hello Terry.

Have never emailled you before but enjoy reading yer whassup page. And got this address from the OAKT site.
Anyway. Was going through some old pics the other day and found some of the Yayhoos at Roskilde back in 96. One HELL of a fest! Dunno if you have any pics from that particular fest so thought I may as well send em to ya.
They didnt come out too bad. Especially considering that the stage was WAY high (when you're in the audience) and I was also rockin a bit myself.




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hessu said...

hell i was there too !
fond memories, fond memories !

roscoe said...

that was a good one. One minute the tent was empty. 10 minutes later there's 10,000 folks!!?!?!!!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing these old pix!