Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Props to the OAKteam boys for showing up and delivering on our new bootscootin’ Christmas shag, “Eggnog-orant”. It’s a stupid little number that should liven up a few holiday bashes this December. Thanks to Jon for showing up and being brilliant again behind the board.


Well it starts out innocent and so nice
And then you add some liquor and some spice
You get Eggnog-orant

If you wanna get stupid and you wanna get dumb
Just pour in a little bit too much rum
Ya get Eggnog-orant

Well it ain’t a Christmas party, ain’t a holiday bash
Unless everybody is holding up a glass
We’re getting’ Eggnog-orant
We’re so Eggnog-orant

Well Mama likes to drink it
When she’s cooking all that food
Nothing like some Christmas spirits
To get her in the mood

So go a head and have you a real good time
Just make sure you don’t drink it and drive
That would be Eggnog-orant

TA c2008

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