Monday, March 24, 2008

my baby


The Woods were on an American tour with A&M artist Marti Jones in '86 when we had some time off in NYC. We headed over to the ESP warehouse and everybody bought a guitar. Dude showed us around and said stuff like "Ronnie Wood bought this, but Keith took it from him...blah blah blah". I found this one and paid $212 for it, still got the receipt. I won't ever git rid of it either. It plays as good or better than any of them boutique guitars, sounds great too!
Many a song has been born from it!
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dave g said...


It's a tried and true design that I personally swear by ! Mine is in the form of a '72 Fender, but tone is where you find it !

Anonymous said...

How are you supposed to go wrong when you're playing the Terrycaster?