Monday, January 07, 2008

House of Prayer

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On my bike ride yesterday over to my dad’s house I finally stopped and took a picture of the House of Prayer, parked directly across the street from Bunn elementary school. I was a bit disappointed because there are usually more placards of scripture out front and the crazy lady usually comes out and screams at you in a white KKK type get-up. Speaking of the Klan, I watched this thing on the History channel about’m Saturday night and was really surprised to find out that they had more than 3 million members at one point. They started up in the ‘20’s as more and more immigrants were entering the country.
I was sadly reminded of the time I went to a Klan tent at the North Carolina State Fair. I guess I was about 8 or 9 years old when my dad and his friend happened inside with me in tow. The “preacher” ‘bout scared the shit out of me talking about “them damn (insert N word here)!” I knew even at that very early age, they was WRONG for that! They was just IGNUNT! I must admit the experience left a bit of a scar and disturbs me to this day.
So let that be a lesson parents, don’t take your kids to no damn Klan meetings!


Wornoutmorgan said...

"So let that be a lesson parents, don’t take your kids to no damn Klan meetings!".........

... lest they end up playing the rock and roll for all their lives!

Used to be a guy just like that in Melbourne, signs all over his house AND his bicycle. He hated everyone though, he wasn't picky about who was an abominaton.

becky said...

Just so you know, 'normal' people are from Bunn also, my husband grew up there. He left for college and has never looked back. There are some people in Bunn who live in permanent structures with landscaping!

Anonymous said...

To fully appreciate the picture click on it to make it large! Nice photo!

Rick Hamrick said...

Terry, the Klan was running Colorado, of all places, in the 20's. The mayor of Denver at the time was a Klan member, supposedly only for their votes (what a comfort--a mayor who only sides with bozos, idiots, and bigots because he wants their votes...).

Now, I cannot claim they had any presence here when I was 8 or 9. We kicked 'em out way before that.