Thursday, December 20, 2007

Woods related

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Well, tonight was our first night of rehearsals for the big Pour House Christmas night throw down (have you bought your tickets yet?) celebrating both my birthday
(# something-dy one) and the life and music of David Enloe. Some of what we did tonight made me cry but not because I was sad, more that I was frightened! Some things were a little rough around the edges, but that’s why you practice, right? I’m sure it will be fine by Dec. 25th. Tomorrow night, more rehearsals with my wife stopping in to go through her song. I hate to tell everything I know (but you wouldn’t know it from all the damn bloggin’ I do…which sometimes puts me in weird situations when I’m telling something to someone who reads my blog...I get this response: ”I know, I done read about it!”, leaves not much else to talk about.) so I’m just gonna let you to find out Christmas night who’s singing what. I CAN say that there will be a gradual transition into The OakTeam set. The night will go as follows:

8pm: Monty Warren
(and his bunch o’ misfits playin’ his cool songs from his new DoubleNaught Records release, out next year)

9pm: Sports Alternative

10pm: David/Woods Tribute, OakTeam

There was more discussion tonight about The Woods box set. You know it’s gonna be 4 cd’s right? That’s sick. But I’m telling you it’s all stuff you HAVE to have! Disc one: All 16 songs from the first record, “It’s Like This”. Like I said before, The Demon record and the Twin Tone record had different songs on them, but taken from this same batch of 16. Disc two: This will be what should have been the second and honestly, better Woods record. It was recorded at Jamie Hoover’s Washateria one long weekend and was definitely the best recordings that we had ever done, plus a couple of tunes we did at Reflections Studios in Charlotte with Don Dixon. Disc three: Live stuff, including the Chicago 24 track gig at Park West. We’ll sift through TONS of other gigs too. Disc four: Insane outtakes that you will love and need just to understand how much fun we were having back in those days. Crazy jams and EP records that we made under assumed names that most folks haven’t heard are what this disc will be about.
We’ve researched the cost including the booklet with pictures, info and names of donators and it’s up around the 5 to $6K dollar amount. Only 1000 will be made and THAT’S IT! I, through this blog, will be among the many sources to let you know when and where to send your pre-order/donation dollars. It could be soon!


Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait! 4 disks!!! I've been listening to the 5 new songs from the memorial site over and over again. I've been waiting 20 years for this stuff on disc. Four discs!!!!

Anonymous said...

I want some o' dat.....lemme know where to send the money for the box set...

rolinstnz-- Keith in Charlotte.

Tom Meltzer said...

"have you bought your tickets yet?"

Just went over to the Pour House website and there is no way to order tickets in advance online. Is there some other way to buy tickets before the night of the show? Sure as hell'd hate to drag ass all the way over from Durm only to find out we couldn't get in because of some bogus fire code booshee. Let America in on the secret!

Jody said...

All the way from Durm? Hell, we were/are(?) going to make the huge trek all the way from Winston-Salem. If we're able, we will have to leave really damn early, I guess! If we don't see you guys, ROCK OUT, as I know you will. And, please sign me up for the Woods box set! :D

My donation offer still stands. If we make it down there, I'll bring it; if not, send me an address via myspace.

Ace said...

Is it just me? Or does Jack Cornell look like John Oates?????

Anonymous said...

LOL, John Oates! Ouch. Yes, I think they both have awful purty lips.

Jeff Hart said...

i heard an old knobs tape of them playing haulin oats' (special knobs spellin') song "private eyes". was a live charlotte tape someone made. maybe keith taylor sang lead on it? was hard to tell.