Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My bad!

I wanted to apologize for not calling everyone personally and telling them about David’s passing. You have every right to call me up and cuss me with your “Why didn’t you tell me!” rant. You are right, I AM supposed to know who the people are that haven’t read my blog and inform them of everything I put on here. In my defense though, I’d like to say that during the days after David’s death while trying to work at least 6 hours a day, visiting my dad for 1 to 3 hours twice a day, posting blogs and ANSWERING 40 Emails a day, you somehow seemed to have slipped my mind. I realize that this blog thing has only been up for about 3 years now and it takes a while for these things to catch on. So please accept my apologies, and continue to feel free to call me and cuss me out for not keeping YOU personally informed about everything you need to know. My bad!
Should I call and tell you about the Backsliders gigs this weekend, Mr. Uninformed?
They are Friday night at the Pour House with Jeffrey Lee Foster and Saturday night at 506 (also known as “5 or 6”, referring to the mount of people that usually show up to that place) in Chapel Hill for those of you who actually read my blog.
I promise I’ll call the rest of you.
Sheesh! Git yo head outta yo ass, people!


Anonymous said...

Local 5 or 6 LOL! How cool, one of my favorite bands is back (Backsliders) and is morphing together with another of my favorite bands. Your energy is seriously amazing, I can't believe everything you've been up to. That inspires me to get my ass off the couch this weekend and make it 6 or 7 :)

Jeff Hart said...

so you drumming with the backsliders this weekend terry? i'm planning on seeing the friday show.

Ace said...

One of the few drawbacks I've found with people as nice as you T, (and that's catagory of about 3 people, one of them having the same birthday as you) Is the inability to say "go fuck youself bitch".

It's not your bad.

I would continue my rant but I have to go onstage in about 2 hours. Gotta run.

Love ya T


Ace said...

Nah I didn't mean that T. You just keep being T. That's what I envy about you. The ability to keep from launching wholescale F Bomb attacks.


Jonathan said...

I'll also be at the Backsliders show (maybe both of 'em). I wouldn't miss it for the fuckin' world.