Thursday, December 13, 2007

midgets and blowouts

I think it was about the time that my friend Carina and I were eating lunch and saw the midget, DOH! little person, trying to reach the pay phone that I realized that this was not a normal day. I first got a hint of that notion when my coffee slid over and spilled on my leg earlier that morning on my way to work, but I never got the feeling at that point that the world was as off kilter as it was. I thought, maybe I could make it through without too many strange occurrences. When we returned back to her house (which incidentally, was where I was working) after lunch there was her neighbor on a ladder, with no shirt on, putting up Christmas lights. Something about that seemed odd. I mean, it WAS 80 degrees yesterday and even I myself wanted to lay out and catch a few rays, but Christmas isn’t usually a summer attire kinda deal, ya know? So I finished up and headed over to see my dad in the hospital. On 540, a minivan in front of me and one lane over had a blow out. The driver held it together pretty good, slowing down quickly and getting off of the highway OK, but still there was shrapnel from the tire flying everywhere. Again, not something you see right in front of you every day. Finally got to the hospital and my dad was sitting there disgusted about something. He accidentally had pulled his feeding tube out a few inches when it got caught on his wheelchair arm as he was standing up. This not only disrupted his feeding schedule but it also made him sick to his stomach and he foe’d up. So that whole thing was a mess, especially when it took so long for radiology to come and get him to make sure the tube had been replaced correctly, some 5 hours later! He was starving by that point and it put him about 2 and half hours late being fed. Old folks, especially my dad are VERY put out by having to wait. He is an extremely impatient patient! I got home safely close to 9pm and nothing else stupid happened, so I guess it wasn’t THAT bizarre of a day...except for the coffee incident, the midget thingy, the no shirt neighbor in the Chritmas spirit, 80 degrees in December, the blowout and the feeding tube accident. These days, that’s a pretty normal day in my life actually.

Speaking of odd feelings, for some reason I can’t or won’t delete the name “David Enloe” from my cell phone or Email contacts. Still hanging on, I guess. It’s gonna take a while.
Speaking of David, we are doing a tribute on Christmas night as we open the TA/DE Birthday show at The Pour House. We have some of our best and most talented friends coming by to sing and play his songs. Rehearsals are next week but Dave B., Jack and I have already run through most of what we’ll play. They are really great songs but without David’s fingers doing the talkin’ it’s not gonna be the same. No slight against Dave B. or anybody else that’s gonna play guitar for that matter, everybody is different and David was REALLY different! It’ll be great though and a WHOLE lotta fun, even through a few tears. I hope every fan who can will make it down that night and help us celebrate his life and our own lives with a lot of great music.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about deleting the number from the cell phone. You just don't want to delete him from your life. I didn't delete my parents' phone numbers when they died a few years ago until buying a new cell phone did the job for me. But now in these days of online contact list backups, it just ain't gonna happen...

Hey, maybe that little person could help.


Anonymous said...

i still haven't deleted my friend's number and email address, and he died a year and a half ago. can't do it.

Bobzilla said...

Hey, Terdell!

You need to publish the set times for Christmas night. I'ma gonna be hauling ass up I-85 from Charlotte (mom's house) to make it in time and there's no way I want to be late.



half donkey/half man said...

Ya heard it here first...
9pm...Sport Alt.
10pm...DE trib./OakTeam set