Monday, December 03, 2007

from Godfrey

I got this from our dear friend and New York film critic, Godfrey Cheshire this morning, I loved his thoughts on Keef and Chuck...

Though I sadly was not able to be with you all on Saturday in Robbins, I am sure you know I was with you in spirit. I read Grace's wonderful email and Terry's incredible eulogy and felt in a way that I had been there; thank you so much for those words. I regret that I did not hear Terry's in the church, and also that I wasn't there in the backyard afterwards to hear all the stories -- I might've added a couple myself! I agree with those who have praised you all for the love and care you showed David in his last days; such friends are among the greatest of treasures. I can't still really get my mind around his loss. He is the first one to go from that great era of music which we were all a part of and which remains such a terrific memory of fun, creativity, intelligence, love and generosity for me. I shall always be proud to have had a connection to it, and grateful for the wonderful friendships included.
I can't believe that Chuck Berry and Keith Richards outlived David. Not only doesn't it seem FAIR, it hardly even seems POSSIBLE. But such are life's strange surprises. You guys will be in my thoughts for some time to come, and I look forward to seeing everyone on Christmas Night at the Pour House.
thanks and much love,
Godfrey Cheshire

Thank you so much for the love Godfrey, like many others who couldn't make it, we felt your spirit. You are a really big part of that incredible era of North Carolina music history and we will all always be indebted to you for all you did. I'm sure that when we get together on Christmas night the stories will flow like the beer from the taps. I look forward to it as it will help the healing because much like you mentioned it hasn't sunk in yet for us either.
Thank you for your love for David and us, we will definely have a toast to him on that evening, or as we would always say
Love, Terry

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