Saturday, December 15, 2007

assembling The Woods Box set

After looking feverishly for the past few weeks, I found the multi (24) track of The Woods show at Park West in Chicago in my very own closet. We opened, and then later played with Marti and Don for the CD Don later released entitled “Chi-Town Budget Show”, I remember hanging out with R.E.M after the show.
According to the track sheet the show was on March 22, 1988 and was engineered by Mark Harder and Tim Powell for Metro Mobile Location Recording Company.
The set list went like this:
Sign of The Times (DE)
Sand (DE)
Next Rain (TA)
Girlfriends (TA)
Watch My Head (DE)
I Am The Place (DE)
Dreamboy (TA)
Sometimes (DE)
Yesterday’s You (TA)
This last one seems to have run out on this reel and ended up on another, oh well…

Here are the tracks including mics:

1: Kick drum…421
2: top snare…57
3: bottom snare…57
4: HiHat…SM81
5: Rack tom…421
6: Floor tom…421
7: Overhead left…SM81
8: Overhead right…SM81
9: Bass DI (direct input)
10: Keys DI
11: Stage right Gtr DI
12: Stage right Gtr Mic…57
13: Stage left Gtr Mic…57
14: Stage left Gtr DI
15: Lead Gtr…57
16: Stage right vocal…EU N10YM 357 (that’s what it looked like anyway)
17: Center vocal… EU N10YM 357
18: Stage left vocal… EU N10YM 357
19: Xtra Vocal… EU N10YM 357
20: Drum vocal…757
21: shotguns (room mics)
22: shotguns
23: PZM (another room mic)
24: open

Ohh..this is exciting! I remember it was a REALLY good show too!


Anonymous said...

Those vocal mics were probably EV N/D 357's. Those Electro-Voice mics were often used for live stuff.

I remember Tim Powell, I think the remote truck was his.

Has it really been almost 20 years??


Anonymous said...

By the way, a couple of more Timothy Powell recording credits:

Larry the Cable Guy: Git-R-Done Recording Engineer

Ron White: They Call Me Tater Salad Recording Engineer


Anonymous said...

Dreamboy! I was hoping to hear that song again. It's a shame the set list was so short. I can't wait to hear it though!!!