Sunday, November 25, 2007



Here's a shot of us shooting the RCA building in Nashville the bird after they declined our demo. Whatever. Dan B. and Bill Lloyd really wanted to get us a deal so they worked together on it, getting funding from them and everything. Seeking focus, they had Jack sing all of the songs. Afterall, he DID (and still does) have the best singing voice. Question was, was it the best voice for songs like "Gettin' Drunk"? (yes, it's been around that long!..This was late 80's or early 90's, hell..I don't know..a long time ago!)Evidently not, RCA turned us down, but we had a great time doing those 5 songs. David's "Worse for the Wear" was the highlight.
The Woods actually did their best record after the first record had run it's course, down in Clover, SC (grrrrrr!) over the span of about 3 days at Jamie Hoover's place, The Washateria. We went through two half gallons of Jack Daniel's during it's recording and it was the best damn thing we'd ever done. 12 great songs that never saw the light of day. Well, "I Love You Period" ended up on a record somewhere! Thanks Dan!
The deal was, going in, take a shot before each take..and if you fucked had to take ANOTHER shot! Jeez! we was wasted! But you damn sure can't tell it from the recordings!
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Anonymous said...

That recording deserves the light of day! I wish there was some way that more Woods songs besides that 1st CD could be available someway!!!!

Eve said...

Yes, pretty please! I'd pay some money for that!