Sunday, November 18, 2007


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A dude grabs my shirt last night as we were being seated and whispers “Who’s that guy y’all are with?” “Rick Richards” I say. “What band was he in?” The guy asks “Georgia Satellites” I tell him. Monty Warren and Michelle came up from West Palm Beach, FLA. and took us all out to dinner at 518 in Raleigh. I really needed a good sit down meal after a week of “hops-pital”. Along with M & M, it was Rick and his wife Lori Lee, Clutch$ (our graphic genius) and Jack and I. The food there is great, the conversation was great and Monty brought in our favorite wines, Amarone and Gamba. What else do you want?
That was a blast and I wanted to thank Monty publicly for such a good time.
Rick will be over at the studio today playing on a few of Monty’s tracks.
I’ll, of course, be hopping. David had a good day yesterday with a LOT of visitors, almost TOO many. It kinda got him worried. The good sign was him reciting from Mark Twain’s “Rumors of My Demise”. They had my Dad re-sedated for the second day and all of his vitals were still stable. I’m headed up there now.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to Monty's CD. When can we expect it to be released?

BTW, any plans for The yayhoos during 2008?


Anonymous said...

Damn... is he cousin of Keith or what??...