Monday, November 05, 2007

David update

I wasn’t able to get over to see David again today, but the reports I’m getting back are a LITTLE more encouraging than what I witnessed yesterday. When I walked in his lonely room, I turned around and went back out to check the room number to see if I was in the right place. Today I’m told that there was a dramatic improvement this afternoon, so much so that the doctor actually referred to a medication that he could be put on in six months. Six months!? After yesterday I was worried whether he had six hours or not!
So keep praying and sangin’! It seems to be working! Thanks a bunch!


Anonymous said...

Rock on, David! Your time ain't up yet!

philwo said...

and if it needs a year to get back, that doesn't matter.It's like some kinda good news. We keep on hoping and praying.
David, you're not alone and may you the strength to go thru and carry on!