Thursday, November 29, 2007

breaking the news..

Jesus, what a whirlwind of emotions in the past few days. My dad has been has been getting stronger and stronger, even getting up and walking from his bed to the door twice in his new room. Finally out of ICU, he’s been in there since Tuesday afternoon. Like I said earlier I had to lie to him about David. He felt bad enough as it was. Today he was in really good spirits, telling jokes and flirting with the nurses so I figgered I could break some bad news on him. I hated to do it. It was kinda like Grace breaking Nathan’s heart (night before last) and telling him there was no Santa Claus, (“You mean I’ve been waiting 10 years for nothing!” he said before crying himself to sleep) it had to be done. He was genuinely hurt that he couldn’t see David before he died. His eyes teared up. It was pretty damn hard to keep from crying. We talked about the whole ordeal and how he was in a better place now, but I could tell it really bothered him. I told him I would be at the funeral on Saturday, that I might not see him that day and that I had to go home and write my sermon. Susan asked if I wanted to say a few things and I said that I would love to. Before I met David I often wondered what kind of job I would end up in, all I could come up with was…preacher. Guess I’ll get my shot at it on Saturday.
So finally, from what I’m hearing the funeral is officially at Robbins First Baptist Church at 11am (in Robbins, duh!). I’m getting a lot of Emails from musical friends and fans that are gonna be there, I’m sure it will be packed.
So I’m helping my dad do just about everything last night before I could finally take no more. I mean, hell, I’d rather paint than be a nurse. I broke a sweat! That shit is hard work! He wanted about 5 things at once, then the phone rings, water’s running…etc. etc. Ya need 6 hands to do that job. Then he says something I can’t understand. He doesn’t have his teeth in yet so I can’t figger out what in the HELL he’s sayin. “I’m sthin a ma malls” “Huh?” “I’m sin a ma malls!” I lean closer “What are saying Daddy?, I don’t understand”

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Anonymous said...

Okay, Terry, this is the you that I remember from way back in the '80s. You are so funny, even while being serious. I have truly enjoyed reading your blog over the past 2 days since I heard about David's death. Your sense of humor is so awesome, and I know how it can be to be in a dry situation and just see the funny parts. I guess that makes me kind of sick like you.

Thanks again for the excellent blog (I would have never seen it if not for Dick), and I will continue to read it forever. You are, as always, a great and hilarious person. My friend Sharon still has the photo you gave her of Mr. T, the snowman! He's awesome. Thanks again, with love, Jody