Wednesday, November 28, 2007


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Eve said...

I'm sure he owned about eight squillion guitars over the years, but THAT'S the guitar I equate with Dave. What a cool guitar.

Saw that in action at many a gig. :)


Vapre said...

I had about 5 mins notice before the 'aqua-strat' was going to end up sold at Harry's (Guitar shop). I called David and said "No! Stop!! Head over to my house, I'll be there asap." No way was the aqua-strat going off into nowhere-land.

I'm certainly nowhere close to Dave's mastery of the strat, but hey, so the bar has been set...I've got my work cut out. He expressed he was very happy that its new home is where it is. (secret bat cave, sorry)

I honestly think of Dave whenever I pick it up (which is pretty much daily) - and like to think there's part of him in that guitar that makes me play better - it sure as hell sounds better than anything else I've played.

I will try damn hard to have it played in public again one day - with the goal of playin some of Dave's newly penned material (also in a secret bat cave)...


Eve said...

Oh, Vape, Dude--you've GOT to bring that to the birthday/memorial Christmas gig at the Pour House. Or at least lend it out for the night. Pretty pretty PLEASE! :)

That would *so* rock.

Though there'd be a brawl over who'd get to play, I'm sure.