Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The OakTeam, Sunday

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Anonymous said...

Hey T, what sizes is your kit?

TA said...

Well, this ain't my kit, hence the front head sez PATTY HURST SHIFTER.
But MY kit is talkin' 22"Kick, 16"Floor, 12"mounted, 13"Pearl Piccolo snare.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the tip, love your sound...!

TA said...

yep! 22X20. Genista Premier. Dan even sez they are the best sounding drums he's ever heard.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dan, you sound amazing.

I am thinking on gettin this one lately. Looks great for the money, and I like the sizes:

(RN-M024) - 20 x 22 Bass Drum; 9 x 12 Mounted Tom; 16 x 16 Floor Tom; 6 1/2 x 14 10-ply snare


Any advice?

Thanks a lot!

TA said...

Those new Gretch drums are amazing, and for the price ya can't beat'm!...w/o a pair of ziljian Z4A sticks!

Anonymous said...

Got it!

Sounds really good, big but focused. Lovin' it.

Speaking of gear... what about cymbals? What are you using?

I love z custom dark series, crash+ride+hihat and a quick china for that little Charlie fill every now and then... ;)