Saturday, October 13, 2007


Inching along slowly last night we ran into a few technical bumps in the road that were eventually sussed out by our man Jonathan. With the new Logic Pro 8 program now locked and loaded there were a few things that were different about our recording set up, but all for the better mind you. Jon really loves how they made things much easier to get to and perform now. Maybe it’s just us but we all swear it sounds better too. Anyhoo, we got some real drums down over the loops and I sang a scratch vocal on a song and that was about it other than some arrangement chops that Jon did early on. But it’s getting’ there folks! Afterwards I was lucky enough to walk in on the first song by Sarah Borges and her band. Oh my God! There were great! You know what she’s got that most artists these days don’t? Well, 2 things really, songs and pipes. The songs were hooky and very melodic, exactly what I, my very own self personally, am looking for first when I wanna pop a song into the stereo. Number 2, the girl has pipes. I’m serious; there were times that I wondered if she was singing through one of them “J-Lo” pitch corrector boxes. She let it rip and never missed note that I could tell. Her website is I came home and looked it up because there’s a rumor that The OakTeam will be doing a couple of shows with her in Chicago and Cleveland on Nov. 7 & 8, at Fitzgerald’s and Beachland Ballroom respectively. It wasn’t on her site yet but should be up soon. Regardless, catch her whenever you can. She and her band were great.
So today is the big border skirmish between North and South Carolina. You know how I feel about that state below us don’t you? I mean, we’re above them in every category, well, except maybe football..but who knows we might eek one out. Ya know, we could have saved a LOT of lives and the rest of the country a lot trouble if in 1860 when SC declared they were seceding from the Union we (the rest of the states) would have all collectively just laughed and said, “Hell yeah! Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!” Awww, but then we would have those thoughtful and intelligent quotes from Miss Teen South Carolina to laugh at. Go TarHeels!

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