Sunday, September 23, 2007

close call

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Whew! That was a close one! I made a bet with my wife yesterday that if the Braves would pull out a win that I would go to the church across the street today. The odds were in my favor. The Braves were down 3-2 in the bottom of the tenth inning so I felt pretty sure that the suit would stay in the closet. Then they tied it up and soon a base hit from Mark Texiera won the game. Damn! I was both happy for the win but sad for losing the bet.
This morning Will reminded me that had I offered to make a quiche for his church’s pot luck dinner. I saw my out. Ooops! Honey, gotta stay home and make that quiche!
Thank ya Lawd! I can hear it now though, "We missed you in church today!" Yeah, well I missed you at the bar last night too!
Well, not much to report on the music front. I had to take off work this past Thursday and Friday due to rain, so I worked on some song demos that I had been putting off forever. I can hear them songs just fine in my head so it sometimes annoys me to have to demo them for others to hear. I’m just not good enough on guitar to do the songs justice so sometimes I’m embarrassed to play’m for folks.
I HAVE figgered out that Craig Ferguson on the Late Late Show (comes on after David Letterman) is the funniest sumbitch on TV. Of course, I don’t sit up every night and wait for it. That’s when that Tivo thing comes in real handy.


Anonymous said...

Your freakin' topics today are touching all my bases. I just got back from taking my 2 & 4 year old daughters to church. I'm solo this weekend as my wife's on vacation. I thought about not going, but still too much catholic indoctrination working on my psyche to pull that off.

As a Cubs fan, I was following the Braves box score online yesterday. Thanks for taking out the Brewers for us. Magic number is 6.

Had my second rehearsal with my band a couple nights ago. Making the damn demos for them to learn is like pulling teeth for me. Takes me forever to just capture something I feel is mediocre. Which is fine, they're rough outlines, but man it's tough to let the guys hear some my half assed instrumentations.

Tom Compton in Chicago
Go Cubs!

Javi said...

lord have mercy...