Sunday, August 26, 2007

sell outs

No offense to anyone who’s sold himself out lately, but that ain’t fiddin’ to be me. After about 40 years of deep thought I’ve realized that I just am whut I am. And guess whut, if’n you was wanting me to come and play at your church or book club meetin’ if I would just “turn down a little bit”… ain’t gonna happen. Not unless we get to ack the fool just like in the shows.
So don’t look for a children’s record or any Farmer Terry records or any of that silliness from me. Don’t worry, all I have planned for you is as many beautiful, melodic, rockin’, smartass sing-a-longs as I can muster for the next ohhhhhh…..5 or 7 years.


Anonymous said...

(but make it 20 years, oké T?)

Anonymous said...

Hey Terry

Been painting the house and listening to the Oak Team Comes To Town. Damn! What you put in that? This is the kind of smartass sing-along stuff we hope you keep cranking out.

But as for "sell-outs" - everybody's got to feed their family, right?

Dan from London, Ontario
Why don't y'all come up here sometime? We'd show you a good time.